User Responsibility Standards

It is important to ensure users make effective use of systems and technology, and that ITS contain the costs associated with providing desktop support. Knowing how to use technology appropriately should be regarded as part of the professional responsibilities of faculty, staff and students. The list of user responsibilities should include

  • To use standard hardware and software wherever possible
  • To communicate with other users in standard formats
  • To acquire training in the use of their system (as necessary to do their jobs) by attending training classes, keeping available and reading instructions, manuals, etc.
  • To follow standard operating procedures for backups, software installation, troubleshooting
  • To perform routine backups of important data and files
  • To be able to understand and perform basic computer tasks such as copying files, installing some software, etc.
  • To use their systems responsibly and ethically as University assets to do their jobs.

Computer Support
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